Peripheral Surveys

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

all submissions including those by first-time or unpublished authors are welcome.
we accept submissions throughout the year. if your works have been published
previously in other publications both on- and offline, please inform us at
the time of submission of your works so that the proper credits can be credited.
please, submit all written works in MS Word format and art/image works in high
quality JPEG format. we reserve full rights to publish, edit, format, deny and verify
the contents according to our publishing philosophy and policies. no unpublished
submission will be returned.

please, have the following guideline be kept when you submit:

1. profile photo of yourself.
2. a short bio of yourself written in 3rd person ranging from 3 to 5 lines.
3. a note to elaborate or explain your works as to how they comply with our
monthly theme: philosophical foundations, directions, influences, motives, etc.
4. in the subject section of your e-mail, specify the section you want your works
to be published, medium of your works, how many pieces you are submitting
and your full name
ex) performing art: music: 3: john doe
5. deadline is 1st of every month.